Protection cup

Protection cup

The protection cup was developed in order to transfer and harmonise substances. It enables transfer but prevents the oscillation patterns of the attached patient or the bio-resonance device from reaching the substance and ‘polluting’ it with alien oscillation. An additional effect: if you place several substances into the protection cup at the same time, they can no longer influence each other. Up to 12 different substances can be communicated to the test person in one go. Summing up all these facts, we can say that the use of the protection detector, together with a protection cup, supports test and harmonisation of substances, making them safer and more reproducible. Both are an important contribution towards reliable measuring and successful therapy.

Please note: if you want to energise substances (i.e. Rayotabs), the protection cup is unsuitable, please use the measuring cup instead.

The protection cup is delivered with a connection cable of 1.0 m length.

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