Rayocomp PS10

Bio-resonance according to Paul Schmidt has taken giant steps forward in recent years. Meanwhile, appropriate bio-resonance devices are applied in the single practices of doctors dedicated to natural healing methods and naturopaths, but that is not all, even complete therapy centres are based on the method. This break-through was enabled by the professional device from the Rayonex company, the Rayocomp PS 1000 polar. Often, however, the employment of this kind of high-med device is not really practical, when therapists pay home visits to their patients, for instance, or users want to take advantage of the bio-resonance method in private.

The new Rayocomp PS 10 is the ideal instrument for the first steps into the world of bio-resonance according to Paul Schmidt. Also, it is an ideal, portable bio-resonance device for professionals. It replaces the Rayometer PS 10 and the Rayometer Digital, of which more than 17,000 have been built. This device meets the demands made by bio-resonance according to Paul Schmidt in an ideal fashion.

Supporting the cause-related approach: In general, it makes sense to reduce disturbances affecting the body. Fundamental frequency values for evaluating the influence of electro-magnetic pollution,  geological disturbance zones or over-acidity, for instance, are available.

The Vital Substances Test:
Frequency spectra for determining the status of minerals, trace elements, vitamins and probiotic intestinal bacteria are at your disposal. They help you to gain information concerning an over- or under-supply of these elements.

Prevention / Energy Balance:
This basic regulation program can help you to restore your vitality. The harmonising programs of the Rayocomp PS 10 contain the frequency spectra of healthy organs, among others. Within the bounds of prevention, they can be a great benefit for keeping the organism healthy.

Auto-Secretory Therapy with the PS 10:
Bodily secretions like urine, stool, sputum etc. contain sustances and pathogens which can be used for harmonising. The Rayocomp PS 10 allows you to use the frequency patterns of your own secretion for harmonising the body.

Bach Flowers:
A fundamental frequency value for every single Bach Flower is available. This allows you to employ the Rayocomp PS 10 for determining the Bach Flowers which are exactly right for you.

Meanwhile, a frequency value is available for every single acupuncture point. Via their end points, we can determine, which one of the channels requires harmonisation. You can choose from 14 different channel programs.

Special programs for children can be used to support them in times of extreme nervousness or when they are having problems to concentrate.

Veterinary Medicine:
Extensive frequency spectra are available for testing and harmonising horses, dogs and cats.

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Rayocomp PS10 GBA.1 Base

Rayocomp PS10 GBA.1

order number: GBA.1

£ 2435.00 *

Rayocomp PS 10 "Complete-Edition"

Includes the BNPS-Modules 1-6 and the RAH-modules 8-10,...

order number: 2286

£ 6749.00 *

Rayocomp PS10 GBA.2 Intermediate

Rayocomp PS10 GBA.2

order number: GBA.2

£ 3087.70 *

Rayocomp PS 10 GBA.3 Advanced

PS 10 Article Package GBA.1

order number: GBA.3

£ 3890.70 *

Rayocomp PS 10 basic

For non-mobile/older persons, patients with chronic...

order number: 22841

£ 4459.00 *

54 integrated therapy programs

54 integrated harmonisation programs

order number: 2020

£ 319.15 *

Accupuncture osciallation med. incl. 14...

automatical interference of harmonising programs of...

order number: 2030

£ 118.55 *

Programs according to Dr. Elmar Ulrich

18 harmonising programs

order number: 2040

£ 453.35 *

9 special programs

Nine special programs

order number: 2050

£ 50.11 *

Test programs

8 combinations that allow a quick test

order number: 2070

£ 164.50 *

Rayonex Analysis and Harmonization System - M8

213 partly superiored harmonising programs

order number: 2080

£ 2315.00 *

Rayonex Analysis and Harmonization System - M9

1766 main and detail programs

order number: 2090

£ 3115.30 *

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