Rayocomp PS 1000 polar Complete Premium

Rayocomp PS 1000 polar Complete Premium

In order to provide a more comprehensive range, in June 2014, we launched two new products based on the Rayocomp PS 1000 polar: the Rayocomp PS 1000 polar Complete and the Rayocomp PS 1000 polar Complete Premium. These are product sets which are designed for professional use.

What these two additions share in common is that the Rayocomp PS 1000 polar comes in a very valuable and extremely practical Rimowa® brand aluminium hard case.  Despite the nearly € 1,000 price tag of the case when sold on its own, both deals add up to less than the sum of the individual products. 

The Rayocomp PS 1000 polar Complete Premium includes the most valuable of all equipment features that a bioresonance practice of Rayonex Biomedical GmbH could possibly have.  Indeed, it not only includes the Rayocomp PS 1000 polar, the Rayoscan and all major RAH software modules, but also the rolling table for the device and the patient treatment chair, which renders further detectors unnecessary.  In addition, the set includes a Rayocomp PS 10 basic which can be used as a secondary therapy spot in the practice or to administer home therapy to patients.    

One might wonder about the point of kitting out a bioresonance device designed for static use with such a valuable suitcase.  The obvious answer is that the case provides the perfect protection for a valuable device. However, there is another reason. Increasingly, therapists are providing home care to patients.  This is going to become more common still with the Rayoscan, which is only available on the Rayocomp PS 1000 polar.  We have therefore often been asked to make the Rayocomp PS 1000 polar more "mobile". Because the Rimowa® case is equipped with coupled wheels, it makes it very handy to transport the device without needing to carry the case. 

Once at the patient's home, the device can easily be taken out and measurements carried out on site, with the integrated Rayoscan for example. The results can then be stored on a Green Card in order to allow the patient to self-administer home therapy, using the Rayocomp PS 10 basic included in the delivery.  

Tip: if properly protected, the Rayocomp PS 1000 polar can also be brought along on holiday.      

Note: the Rimowa® case for the Rayocomp PS 1000 polar cannot be purchased separately, only together with the Rayocomp PS polar 1000 Complete.

The Rayocomp PS 1000 polar Complete Premium (Article Nº: 3001) is delivered with the following:
RAYOCOMP PS 1000 polar incl. integrated polariser, memory management of up to 5 own programs, 54 integrated harmonisation programs, power supply, cold device cable, measuring cup, protective cup, manual, Rimowa® case, book: Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt, packaging carton

- Acupuncture oscillation therapy, Article 30020

- Patient management of up to 1000 patients, Article 30040

- RAH C-Module, Article 30083 

- Rayonex Analysis and Harmonisation System (RAH),  Article 30085

- Rayoscan hardware and software, incl. 60 cm Rayoscan electrode cable and 100 Rayoscan pads, Article  30094

- Rayotensor with wooden handle, protective coating, power cable and spring wire, Article 362

- 5 pcs: RAH Green Card, Article  35910

- Fabric detector: fitted sheet measuring 1.85 m x 0.8 m with 3 m connection cable, Article 30323

- 4 pcs: Fabric detector: 30 cm long, with Velcro fasteners and 1.5 m connector cable, Article 30335 

- Treatment chair made from solid beech with black eco-leather upholstery, equipped with a built-in detector, 5 m cable, Article 4000 

- Table made from solid beech with pull-out panel and detachable tray, Article 4005

- Rayocomp PS 10 basic standard device with case, module M1, module M9, module M11 and module M12 Article 22841 

- Rayotensor bracket Article 120

- incl. 2 days training 

Further information can be found under the following product headings:Rayocomp PS 1000 polar Complete Premium (Article 3000), Rayocomp PS 1000 polar (Article 300), Rayoscan(Article 30094), RAH for the Rayocomp PS 1000 polar (Article 30085), Rayoscan pads, Blue Sensor, Type VL-00-S, 1000 pcs. (Article 35931), Rayoscan pads, Blue Sensor, Type VL-00-S, 25 pcs. (Article 35930), 

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