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Duplex IV professional

A world first: The Duplex IV professional Everyone picks up a wide range of burdens from...more

A world first: The Duplex IV professional

Everyone picks up a wide range of burdens from their work or home environments or any other place they spend a lot of time. These can range from geopathic burdens, to burdens caused by electrosmog, environmental toxins, pollutants and mould. If you test a group of people living in the same environment , you will find more than one type of burden as burdens can be picked up at home, at work or children may pick them up from their school environment.

How can we tackle these individual burdens? By adapting a biofield forming device to the individual burdens! The Duplex IV professional is designed specifically, for this purpose. A saliva sample is taken from each member of the family to test for over 189 building-biology associated resonance values.

These are used to discover the burdens that affect this group of people. The resonance values are determined using the Rayocomp PS 1000 polar or a Rayocomp PS 10 bioresonance device by measuring energy and subsequently transferring the values to the Duplex IV via a special programming cable. The result is an individualised, biofield forming device for the family.

Since the burdens that affect family members may change, or new members may enter the family, a new measurement can be performed and the updated resonance values transferred to the Duplex IV professional. Thus, the Duplex IV professional can adapt to the needs of the family at any time. This makes it a perfect, future-orientated investment in the health of the family.

The Duplex IV professional is also perfectly suited for use in the field of veterinary medicine. Both cats and dogs can be observed using the test. It can also be used on horses and farm animals as the Duplex IV professional can provide customized harmonization in animals' stables.

Testing of the 189 building-biology associated resonance values and programming of the Duplex IV professional can only be carried out from accredited therapists.  It will be a pleasure for us to find an accredited therapist nearby you.  Please contact us for further information.

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Tolles Produkt für eine bessere Schlaf- und Lebensqualität.

Egal wo ich mich in meinem Zuhause befinde, der Duplex sorgt im gesamten Haus für eine sofortige Harmonisierung meines Organismus. Ob geopathischen Störungen wie z.B. eine Wasserader oder auch andere Störungen in meinen Körperzellen, sie werden sofort wieder ins Gleichgewicht gebracht. Eine wirklich perfekte und nachhaltige Lösung für Zuhause oder auch auf der Arbeit.

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