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Acupuncture Oscilliation Therapy

Acupuncture Oscilliation Therapy

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Acupuncture Oscillation Therapy

With this module, a quick test of the acupuncture meridians can be performed based upon which...more

With this module, a quick test of the acupuncture meridians can be performed based upon which corresponding meridians will be proposed for harmonising. In addition, each of the points of a meridian can be examined and harmonised with the help of a chart.

Other modules are being planned, and in future, users will be able to very simply integrate them by means of updates.

Much excitement was generated by the discovery that the presentation of acupuncture meridians on the body is possible with imaging procedures. On the basis of measurements of thermal images, the physician Dr. med. Schlebusch, who practises in Essen (President of the ZDN, Gesellschaft zur Dokumentation von Naturheilverfahren), developed the visualisation of these meridians originating from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It is amazing how exactly the meridians found with today’s technical means correspond with those of TCM, which was developed more than 3000 years ago. By means of a Rayocomp PS 1000 polar and the module of the acupuncture oscillation therapy, disturbed meridians were tested and harmonised at Dr. Schlebusch’s practice.

"Acupuncture Oscilliation Therapy"

Eine Miete ist möglich, sofern ebenfalls ein Rayocomp Gerät gemietet wird.

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