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Demand switch NA7 Comfort VDE



Interrupts the mains voltage in the fuse box, as long as power is not required. The demand...more
Product information "Demand switch NA7 Comfort VDE"

Interrupts the mains voltage in the fuse box, as long as power is not required. The demand switch will be installed in the fuse box and isolate the electric circuit automatically, for which it is intended, as soon as the last consumer has been switched off. The electric circuit thus isolated from the mains will no longer remain live, so that it can no longer generate electric fields, either. Especially the bedroom can thus be kept free from low-frequency alternating fields.Comfortable solution: As soon as a consumer is switched on again, the demand switch will recognize the new status and re-connect the supply voltage automatically and without any delay. You will not notice in everyday life that the mains have been isolated. The pilot light supplied will make it possible to monitor the function easily and permanently. Excellent lightning protection in the case of over-voltage caused by lightning striking the supply mains.

Protected against polarity reversal: an incorrectly poled connection of phase and neutral conductor will be signaled, so that installation errors can be avoided. Maintenance-free. Resumes its function after a power cut automatically. Minimum closing delay and short opening delay, without any risk of instable switching conditions.

•     reliable functioning also with rotary dimmers, fluorescent and energy-saving lamps, halogen spotlights and appliances with electronic start-up systems, such as vacuum cleaners etc.

•     pilot lights in light switches and baby night lamps will also function in the de-coupled state

•     protected against polarity reversal and over-voltage

•     LED display for the switching status “De-coupled”

•     VDE sign

Technical data

•     rated voltage/current rating: 16 A, 230 VAC/- 10 %, 2 300 W incandescent load

•     mechanical service life of the relays: approx. 15 000 000 switching cycles

•     one-pole disconnection for the optimal protection of persons and minimum residual ripple

•     residual ripple: < 2 mV/< 4 mV/< 8 mV (nominal/typical/maximum)

•     monitoring voltage: direct low-voltage (maximum 8 mA/230 VDC) which is acceptable under construction-biological aspects

•     safety: surge-proof pursuant to IEC 1000-4-4 (burst) and IEC 1000-4-5 (surge); air gaps (clearance) and creepage distances pursuant to EN 600065/VDE0860 will be observed

•     housing: installation on mounting rails pursuant to DIN-EN 50 022 in the building’s fuse box, 35 mm = 2 PE

•     warranty: two years

•     scope of supply: demand switch, mains filter x21, system pilot lamp, detailed operating instruction

"Demand switch NA7 Comfort VDE"
"Demand switch NA7 Comfort VDE"

Interrupts the mains voltage in the fuse box, as long as power is not required.

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